Who we are

Berry & Co are an established small independent publishing and packaging company based in London (UK). We create books and other materials that reflect our interests and values: strong on style, challenging in content, novel in approach. We have traditionally worked in print, but we are moving into e-books and video as well.

What we publish

Principally books on gardening and craft titles, for adults and children, but we also offer individual creative services, such as styling and photography packages, plus writing, editorial and design across a range of subject matters, using a small team of talented and experienced authors, photographers and graphic designers freelancers who each have their own particular interests.

What we like

We create books and offer publishing services that encourage people to think in new ways about developing a more thoughtful, environmentally friendly approach without sacrificing high-quality design. Our clients include major established publishing houses in the UK, USA, Germany, France and the Netherlands. 


It's a Wrap - Cover.jpg

Martin Storey's
It’s a Wrap

Available to buy now from our online shop

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The Upcycled Garden

Available to buy now from our online shop